The Wyvern, the Pirate, and the Madman

February 2022 release

After the destruction of the main pirate ship, Celwyn discovers that another niece of the vampire Valentine Soriano has been taken prisoner by the pirates. Nemo, Tara and the rest of the adventurers follow that ship. The telegrams to Prague tell Mrs. Kang and the others that they do not know when they’ll be back, and little more. The Nautilus catches up to the pirate ship and retrieves the kidnapped vampire, and also discover nearly 500 slaves imprisoned in the hold.  They eventually trick the pirates into delivering the slaves to safety, and continue east.  The captain of the pirates has something of Nemo he must retrieve.  Meanwhile, one of the automats who survived the sinking of the main pirate ship arrives in Prague and murders Mrs. Kang.  The adventurers find a most complex problem awaiting them in the Sulu Islands, not knowing of the horrible murder in Prague.