The Raven and the Pig

1866, the Black Sea

He has been wounded, and all that keeps Jonas Celwyn, an immortal peyote-eating magician alive is the power of an old enemy, his half-brother Pelaez. To survive, he must find the Immortal Healer, Thales.

Jonas is taken aboard the submarine the Nautilus by his companions, Professor Xiau Kang, an automat, part machine and part human, and a scientist and recent widower from the Sudan, Bartholomew.

The journey, even for the intrepid Captain Nemo and his fearless crew will prove deadly. Vampires, witches, and warlocks are gathering nearby. Friends or foes? Who is the target? Jonas, or Professor Kang and his blueprints for a world-changing flying machine.

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The Audible version of this book will be available spring of 2022.