The Raven and the Pig


Thanksgiving 2021 release

The Raven and the Pig   Book 2

As the music dies, Pelaez, Celwyn’s darker immortal brother, brings him back, barely, with his magic. The party of protagonists travel to the Cape Verde Islands and the healer of immortals. After Celwyn is saved, the healer requests payment. This sends them to the catacombs at Capuchin which they will not forget. Before it is over, several of the protagonists question why it seems everyone from warlocks and vampires to witches, seem to be congregating in their world. Some of them become surprising allies, and a few of their allies turn against them.  In part II, work on the new flying machine begins in earnest bringing attention from the Mafioso and a cherub-like warlock called Duncan.  After a final battle with Duncan, the flying machine is destroyed and everyone at their compound is murdered by one of their own.